1. Jim will make you a star…really, it’s his only goal in life. To make YOU a star, just ask any of these previous artists (as listed below)….

Bellbottoms – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

    • Album- Baby Driver Soundtrack Label- Columbia Records

Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds

    • Album- Sean DeLear  Label- In The Red Records 

Gabrielle Pietrangelo

  • Author- On My Way Back Home Label- Stone Angel Records

Hank Topless

  • Album- Songs I Hate To Sing Label-  Topless Records

French Cowboy and The One

  • Album- Embrasse Label-  Mus’azik Records

      • …here are a couple o’ more things I’ve worked on…..
    Date Artist/Title Label
    2018 Keith Perillo/After Yesterday Kap Records/  
    2018 Sammy Decoster/Sortie 21 La Grange aux Belles/  
    2018 Roman Barten-Sherman/Solo Guitar Compositions Roman Records
    2018 Roman Barten-Sherman/Before I Leave This World Roman Records
    2018 Sundust Road/Faded Features Xerisound Records
    2017 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Baby Driver Soundtrack Columbia Records
    2017 Fredda/Land 03H50 Records
    2017 Still Life Telescope/Geometry Wins Still Life Records
    2017 St. Augustine/Lost Two Days St. Augustine Records
    2017 The Distortionists/Appetite For Distortion Distortionist Records
    2017 Beautiful Senoritas/Blackout Clifford Records
    2016 Beautiful Senoritas/Lovely Senoritas Clifford Records
    2016 Pipelights/518 Pipelights Entertainment
    2016 Golden Boots/H.A.L.T. Baby Tooth Records
    2016 American Monoxide/Web Content American Monoxide Content
    2016 Laura and The Killed Men/Everchanging Trail Prophette Records
    2016 The Billy Moon Project/For All Mankind BMP Music.
    2016 B4Skin/Hell Yeah! Bloat Records
    2016 Whispering Wires/Bathroom Eyes Baby Cobra Records
    2016 The Chikitas/Wrong Motel deepdive records
    2015 The Jons/El Rey Mojado Jons Music Corp.
    2015 Caio Bosco/Cerebral Al Manaloga Records
    2015 Butterscotch Cathedral Trouble In Mind Records
    2015 Cobra Family Picnic/Music For Lava Lamps Cobra Family Records
    2015 American Monoxide / In Flight Mode Monoxide Records
    2014 Sons Of Morpheus Deepdive Records
    2014 Yeti Ender/Visions Of Your Cat Yeti Ender Records
    2014 Brian Lopez/Static Noise Funzalo Records
    2014 Gabriel Sullivan/Jupiter Fell City Records
    2014 Naim Amor/Hear The Walls Fort Lowell Records
    2014 Roman Barten-Sherman/Interstellar Blues RB-S Records
    2014 Lenguas Largas/Come On In Recess Records
    2014 La Cerca/Sunrise For Everyone Fort Lowell Records
    2014 Tesoro/Tesoro Tesoro Records
    2014 Lila Lila Records
    2014 Thriftstore Throwdown/Pink Unicorn Punkrawkpurl Records
    2014 Tom Poley/Dharma Poke Blue Bhikku Records
    2014 Billy Sedlmayr/Black Grenadine Fell City Records
    2014 Chicha Dust/Live at the Dust Ballroom Chicha Records
    2013 The Distortionists/The Lizard Of Oz Tu-lo Records
    2013 French Cowboy & The One Havalina Records
    2013 Jacob Acosta / Chants of Diplomacy Acosta Music
    2013 Action Swingers / Miserable Life b/w Losing My Cool Total Punk Records
    2013 gHosTcOw / Even The Sky Is Blue Surface Of The Sun Records
    2013 Freezing Hands / Freezing Hands Burger Records
    2012 The Great Collision / Running In Circles Collision Records
    2012 Coven / Coven 25 Coven Records
    2012 Sergio Mendoza / Y La Orkesta Le Pop Records
    2012 Caio Bosco Tratore Records
    2012 Tom Walbank / Arizona Burning 009 Records
    2012 Silverthread Trio / Trigger & Scythe Prophette Records
    2012 Blind Divine / Shadow Pins Mysticus Records
    2012 Andrew Collberg / Dirty Wind b/w On The Shore Fort Lowell Records
    2011 Way Out West / Saddle Sore Blues Blue Bhikku Records
    2011 Luz De Vida / Swim An Ocean Compilation Fort Lowell Records
    2011 Marshmallow Overcoat / “The Complete Sound” PCMP
    2011 Brian Lopez / Ultra Funzalo Records
    2011 Hairsprayfireandgirls Nursecore Music
    2011 The Distortionists / The Mark Side Of The Dune Tu-lo Records
    2011 Lenguas Largas Recess Records
    2011 Discos Baby Cobra Records
    2011 La Cerca / Rock n’ Roll To The Rescue La Cerca Records
    2011 Naim Amor / Dansons The Orchestra Pit Records
    2011 Marianne Dissard / L’Abandon Le Pop Records
    2011 Yardsale Heart / Watercolours Yardsale Records
    2010 Butcher / Welcome To The Night Inferno Records
    2010 Amy Rude / Heart Beast Rude Recordings
    2010 Fish Karma / Halloween In America Alternative Tentacles Records
    2010 The French Cowboy / Isn’t My Bedroom Havalina Records
    2010 The Mission Creeps / Dark Cells Refractory Records
    2009 Vicki Brown / Seas and Trees Homey Records
    2009 Maxwell’s Demon / Diablo Maxwell’s Demon Records
    2008 The French Cowboy & Lisa Li-Lund / Share Horses Havalina Records
    2008 The Marshmallow Overcoat / The Light Show PCMP Records
    2008 gHosTcOw / Vistas Surface Of The Sun Records
    2008 Liz Wright / The Orchard Verve Records
    2007 The French Cowboy / Baby Face Nelson Was A French Cowboy Havalina Records
    2007 The Mission Creeps / In Sickness And In Health Refractory Records
    2007 Year Long Disaster / Year Long Disaster Volcom Records
    2006 Caliche Con Carne / Time Is Absolute BitClone Records
    2006 Way Out West / Down On The Ol’ Bar None Blue Bhikku Records
    2005 Transceiver /Sleeper vs Ladysnake MockBrawn
    2005 Dillinger Girl & Baby Face Nelson / BANG! Sunnyside
    2005 Fish Karma Alternative Tentacles
    2005 John Convertino /Ragland Sommerweg Records
    2005 Nortec Collective/Calexico/Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 Nacional Records
    2005 Purple Merkins /Merkinmania Dionysus Records
    2005 Wasted Aces/”1″ Twin Dragon Records
    2005 Marshmallow Overcoat /26 Ghosts:The Best Of 1986-2005 Dionysus Records
    2005 Calexico/Love Will Tear Us Apart Starbucks Compilation
    2005 Gotan Project/Calexico remix /Inspiracion Espiracion Ya Basta Records
    2005 Jim Gaffigan/Doing My Time Comedy Central
    2005 ANT /Follow My Ass Comedy Central
    2004 The Solace Bros./Thinking Of You Watercloset Sounds
    2004 Way Out West/’Poke Songs n’ Pony Tales Blue Bhikku
    2004 Calexico /Tribute To Alejandro Escovado “Wave” Bloodshot Records
    2004 The Little Rabbits/Atomik Circus w/Vanessa Paradis Universal
    2004 Rob K./The End Of The Earth Orange Records
    2004 Electro Shockbox/Dance Songs in the key of Devil Electroshockbox
    2004 The Married Monk/The Belgian Kick Ici D’ailleurs
    2004 Mitch Hedberg/Strategic Grill Locations Comedy Central
    2003 The Scruffs/Swingin’ Singles Smash Records
    2003 The Deludes/Jim Waters Presents… Deluded
    2003 Kenny Brown/Stingray Fat Possum
    2003 Soulo /Man The Manipulator Plug Research
    2003 The Solace Bros./Discover EP Watercloset Sounds
    2002 The Little Rabbits/Radio Universal
    2002 Go Go Market/Hotel San Jose Innerstate
    2002 John Convertino/Sack of Cement Sommerweg
    2002 Chuck Prophet/No Other Love New West Records
    2002 Amor Belhom Duo/Live in Tucson Ici D’ailleurs
    2002 Asie Payton /Just Do Me right Fat Possum
    2002 Caliche Con Carne/The Great Cyclops Mock Brawn
    2002 La Merma/Saludo Al Tirano Coehebomba Records
    2002 Cortex Bomb/Fist Or Finger Mock Brawn
    2001 Maxwells Demon/Prometheus  
    2001 Lucinda Williams/Get Right with God Remix Lost Highway
    2001 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Blue Green Olga Remix Matador Records
    2001 Geraldine/Pure Bastard Rock Orange Records
    2001 Little Rabbits/La Grand Musique Barclay
    2001 La Cerca/Goodbye Phantom Engineer The Unlike Label
    2000 The Married Monk/R.O.C.K.Y. Ici’ Dailluer
    2000 ABBC-featuring members of Calexico /Tete a Tete Wabana Records
    2000 Super Flu/Tchin Tchin Village Vert
    2000 Andre Williams/Lap Dance Remix(as featured on “The Sopranos” season 2) In the Red
    2000 Boss Hog/Itchy Scratchy Remix City Slang
    2000 Trunk Federation /Lay the Hip Plastique
    1999 LaMerma/Opciones…Razones…Traiciones… La Merma
    1999 Scared of Chaka/Tired of You Sub City
    1999 T-Model Ford/You Better Keep Still Fat Possum
    1999 Bosco/Paramour Platinum Records
    1999 Bob Log III/Trike Fat Possum
    1998 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-as featured in Roadtrip soundtrack/Lovin’ Machine Remix Matador
    1998 The Pork Torta/The Power of Three Bloat
    1998 Bosco/Um Ty Lite Party Platinum Records
    1998 The Rondelles/Fiction/Romance/Fast Machines Smells Like Records
    1998 The Little Rabbits/YEAH Barclay/Polygram
    1998 The Weird Lovemakers/Flu Shot MT Records
    1998 Dave’s Big Deluxe/EP Live at University High Slimstyle
    1997 The Fells Estrus Records
    1997 Jonathan Fire*Eater/Wolf Songs for Lambs Dreamworks
    1997 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Controversial Negro Matador/Capitol
    1997 The Drags/Stop Rock and Roll Estrus Records
    1997 Boss Hog/Suburbia Soundtrack Geffen
    1997 Marshmallow Overcoat /self titled Twist
    1996 20 Miles/20 Miles Epitaph Records
    1996 The Weird Lovemakers/Electric Chump Gouramie Records
    1996 The Married Monk/The Jim Side Rosebud/Polygram
    1996 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Now I Got Worry Matador/Capitol
    1996 Doo Rag/What We Do Bloat Records
    1996 RL Burnside/A Ass Pocket Full of Whiskey Fat Possum
    1996 The Little Rabbits/Le Grande Public Rosebud/Polygram
    1995 The Drags/Dragsploitation Now! Estrus Records
    1995 Dave’s Big Deluxe/Sounds from the Credenza Slimstyle Records
    1995 Picasso Trigger/Bi-Polar Cowboy Alias Records
    1995 R. Carlos Nakai/Feather, Stone And Light Canyon Records
    1995 The Spitters/Give Funky Mushroom
    1994 Action Swingers/Quit While You’re Ahead Caroline
    1994 Free Kitten/Unboxed Wiiija
    1994 The Fells/Amped 10″ E.P. Westworld
    1994 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Orange Matador Records
    1993 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Mo’ Width Au Go Go
    1993 The Spitters/The Spitters E.P. Funky Mushroom
    1993 Shonen Knife/Rock Animals Virgin Records
    1993 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Extra Width Matador
    1993 The Posies/Frosting on the Beater DGC Records
    1993 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Christmas Single Sub Pop
    1992 Missing Foundation/Go Into Exile Restless Records
    1992 The Moles/Double Single Sea Side Records
    1992 Drink Me/Drink Me Bar None Records
    1992 Richard Hell/3 new songs Overground Records
    1992 Dim Stars Caroline Records
    1992 Unsane/Singles 89-92 Matador
    1992 Half Japanese/Fire in the Sky Paperhouse Records
    1992 Gumball/Light Shines Through E.P. Paperhouse Records
    1991 Action Swingers/Action Swingers Caroline Records
    1992 Gumball/Special Kiss Caroline Records
    1992 Mo Tucker/i spent a week there the other night New Rose
    1991 Sonic Youth/Disappearer (single) DGC Records
    1991 Sonic Youth/Kool Thing (single) DGC Records
    1991 Sonic Youth/Dirty Boots (single) DGC Records
    1991 Gumball/Under My Wheels Sub Pop
    1991 Sonic Youth/”Hang On To Your Ego” (Brian Wilson Compilation) De Milo Records
    1991 Missing Foundation/Ignore the White Culture Restless Records
    1991 Half Japanese/Everyone Knows E.P. Seminal Twange
    1991 Gumball/Gumball E.P. Paperhouse Records
    1991 The Action Swingers/Kicked In The Head b/w Bummin’ My Trip Caroline